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Abaroa Boat Yard
Blister & Fiber Glass Repairs
Abaroa Boat Yard
Great Tradition in Boat Repairs, Since 1898 giving the Best Service in Baja.
Abaroa Boat Yard
Full Service Family Business -Since 1898- 40 Ton Travel Lift

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Great Tradition in Boat Repairs, Since 1898 giving the Best Service in Baja.

Service: Repair, maintenance, guarding, provisioning of boats

The best prices

Attended by the owners




 Bottom cleaning, Ligth Sanding, paint aplication 

We have a lot of experience in blister Repairs Include the bottom paint removing, open the blister, grind the bad gel coat and fiber glass, let it dry very well, than start the repairs with Polyester or Epoxy Resin."If we do this with a comercial Fishing Boat, imagine what we can do with your´s "


Fiberglass repairs with polyester and epoxy resin Very detailed work in repair of blister



Concrete dry storage



Si sigue esta trayectoria tendremos una gran caída de agua, tomen sus precauciones !!

Publicado por Marina Abaroa en Martes, 18 de agosto de 2020

Buenos días y MUCHAS FELICIDADES!! a todos los que como nosotros, vivimos día a día el ambiente Marino!! ⚓️

Publicado por Marina Abaroa en Lunes, 1 de junio de 2020

Publicado por Marina Abaroa en Lunes, 23 de marzo de 2020


Jim Hart

Victor and his dad have been so cordial and helpful in so many ways.,.. the environment here is Chill !!... clean
and I highly recommend it !

Fernando Abaroa

Genial lugar muy divertido

Brian Kennedy

I have been doing business with Marina Abaroa for many years and they feal like family. Gracias Amigos

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Topete esquina Navarro 
23060 La Paz, BCS.

Phone: (044) 612-19-77-762
WhatsApp: (044) 612-19-77-762
Office: (044) 612-12-89-138

Facebook: Abaroa Marine Yard
Email: victorabaroa@abaroamarineyard.com


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